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We post about a situation all over social media that happened to us. We were kicked out of a commissary kitchen that we were renting by one of the owners. She was in charge and because she was in control she did just want any person who was in control could do. She had an attitude and she showed it, she walked in the kitchen pointing at us and yelling, when I yelled back it was a problem. She screamed at me infront of my kids, telling me to get the "F" out of her facility. I refused to leave without my money that I had already paid, she called the police and when they told her it was nothing they could do, she then said I was breaking things in an effort to get me arrested. 


Today, after just telling you those points I am not bitter, I am motivated and inspired to build a place where your power can't inspire fear. In the business of commissary kitchens, you are a life line for small business owners, sometimes the last leg they have to stand on before giving up. With your help we are becoming a life line throughout Colorado Springs and soon all around the country.

We are raising $25,000 to open our resturant in Colorado Springs, we could have done a fundraiser but, whats the point in that? When the fundraiser is over you have nothing to show for it. Here you have a change to become an owner. The link to buy in is right here. Our shares are $100 a share, will you take the chance to own today? 

Remember this is a business deal so if you are looking for the business plan it will be avaliable upon request. Email us at 

Please when you use the donate link place the amount in the link starting at $100. We will email you at the email provided for the name and address you would like to go on the stock certificate.


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