MEET THE Executives

Founders Je'Rico and Kendra Brown

This Legacy starts right here. 

One day while deployed to Germany two 92G's (culinary Specialist)were working together feeding the hundred plus soldiers assigned with us and then it all started. The vision for feeding soldiers consumed us. As we rotated from Germany to Greece our desire to take home cooking everywhere we went became a major part of who we are. 

After our return from Greece we decided to leave military service and create Sukari's Catering. Sukari means in Swahili means sugar. We built Sukari's on the thought of adding that personal home touch to everything we do. 

Our Dream was to take Chicago BBQ and combine it with Southern Cooking and create what you know is Sukari's Catering. The owners are certified professionals, rather business or Culinary we have the skills you are looking for when you're looking for a caterer. 

Kendra (CEO) : Culinary School Graduate, US Army Culinary Specialist.   

Je'Rico (CFO): Business Management Graduate, US Army Culinary Specialist. 

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